Google Review by D Bucksath

Ross Studios was recommended to me for art framing and I could not be more impressed. Everything I have seen of Ross's work is great and he did a fantastic job on the pieces I brought him for framing as well. His prices are fare and his careful craftsmanship shows at every seam.

What is most impressive to me is that Ross is extremely honest and will take genuine consideration to every job he is asked to do. For instance, I brought him one of my art pieces that I wanted to add museum glass to the already existing frame for additional protection. After carefully looking over the piece, his response was that he "could not in good consience work on the piece" and further explained that by doing so, it would actually be doing harm because of the type of artwork it was and that it would not protect its integrity. He turned away work to protect the integrity of my art piece rather than just take my money and make a quick buck like so many others would have. That's when I knew I found the right guy who had the expertise for all of my future pieces. You would be making a mistake not to consider him for your artwork too. Thank you Ross!  --D Bucksath